AG Vieth

Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Vieth

Raum: 1.1.35
Sekretariat: Sabine Simon
Raum: 1.1.29, Tel.: 56 232

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Research Topics:

This research group uses methods of nuclear magnetic resonance to examine molecular structures, movement processes, and reactions in solid and fluid phases, presently with particular emphasis on the following issues:

Electron and hydrogen transfer as a result of light excitation: Charge separation and structural changes in biomolecules, e.g., protein folding, are identified using briefly occurring spin polarizations and tracked over time. The underlying mechanisms are analyzed using model systems.

Ion movement in crystals and glasses: In the substance class defined as superionic conductors, like those used in batteries, fuel cells, and chemical sensors, specific ions can move through solid-state bodies with a high degree of mobility. We characterize the movement processes and examine their connection with the local structure.