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Women's Advancement Funds

At the departement there are women's advancement funds available for infrastructure, individual-related advancement as well as public relation.
Further information can be found in Granting Procedure for Women's Advancement Funds.
A summary of funded domains in 2015 can be found in the Summary of the Expenses of the Women's Advancement Funds at the financial year 2015.

Proposals can be sent to the women’s representative at any time. The commission for the granting of the women’s advancement funds will meet depending on the volume of proposals to be able to perform a promptly decision.

At the moment the Women's Commission is made up by the following members:

  • Beate Schattat (Women's Repersentative)
  • Sylvia Theodos (Deputy)
  • Hélène Colinet
  • Martina Erlemann
  • Elke Müller
  • Stephanie Russ
  • Jadwiga Wilkens