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Here you can find an overview on activities concerning women's advancement, gender equality, and more.

Regular Happenings

Women* in Physics Breakfast

as part of the  gender equality program at our faculty, we are organizing the "Women* in Physics Breakfast". Which means that we organize a little breakfast before each Friday colloquium if a woman* gives a talk. Everybody can join this get-together. We want this event to be an opportunity for students, professors, PhD-students and research assistants to get to know the speaker and to network. 

Girls' Day

Once a year, the Freien Universität Berlin participates to the Girls' Day and offers many workshops. Also the Physics Department opens its doors to give girls from 5th to 10th grade an insight to the various research and study opportunities at FU Berlin.

You can find more information at: https://girlsday.fu-berlin.de/

German physicists' meeting

The annual German physicists' meeting ( Deutsche Physikerinnentagung) is organized by the DPG (Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft). It offers female Physicists from all branches and career stages the opportunity to exchange and network. The main aspect is an interdisciplinary professional exchange to get an overview on all branches of research in Physics. Experience reports from the daily life of jobs in Industry, Economy and Research give an impression of the various opportunities for female Physicists. Furthermore, they invite to discuss the professional opportunities for female physicists.

You can find more information at: http://physikerinnentagung.de/

Women Breakfast @ Physics FU Berlin

Every two years, a breakfast for all female members of the Physics department is organized. Bread, muffins, tea and coffee are provided. The main goal is getting to know each other, exchanging and distributing information on different subject of women's advancement. The office for women's advancement (Frauenbüro) introduces itself and presents the advancement possibilities for women of all status groups. It also informs about further projects and services at the department (MINToring, Breastfeeding Room, Education Programs). The breakfast is organized by the office of women's advancement and the MINToring Team.

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In 1995 the presidium of Freien Universität introduced the Margherita-von-Brentano-Preis to award successful individuals, projects for women's advancement and gender research. It is awarded every two years in the framework of a ceremony and includes a reward of 15000€.

More information at: http://fu-berlin.de/sites/margherita-von-brentano/