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Woman*Networking Meeting on the 5th of December

News from Nov 26, 2018

In the meeting on the 5th of December 2018 FLTI * (FemaleLesbianTransInterNonbinary-People) at the Department of Physics have the opportunity to network better and to exchange ideas on various topics. The meetings are organized by the participants and designed in content, whereby a participation does not require compulsion to participate. They cover societal questions on structural problems of FLTI * in science, career planning and individual topics, Interested non-physicists are also invited.

Next meeting we will talk about this paper. It is about "sense of belonging" in physics/STEM, how it affects the motivation and ability to learn and how to intervene. We will summarize it next meeting in case you will not have read it.

Contact: Women-networkingmeeting@physik.fu-berlin.de

Place: Arnimallee 14, Room 1.1.16

Time: 05.12.18  from 2pm to 4pm c.t.

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