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Professor Cecilia Clementi starts her work at Freie Universität

Prof. Cecilia Clementi

Prof. Cecilia Clementi
Image Credit: Rice University

Professor Cecilia Clementi, an expert in the field of computer simulation of biomolecules, has started her research and teaching work at the Department of Physics in June 2020. The renowned physicist moved from William Marsh Rice University in the U.S. to the Freie Universität Berlin with funding from the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

News from Jun 05, 2020

Cecilia Clementi held a professorship in chemistry and chemical and biomolecular engineering until recently. She was a senior scientist at the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Since 2017, Cecilia Clementi has been researching as an Einstein Visiting Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin in the Collaborative Research Centers “Scaffolding of Membranes: Molecular Mechanisms and Cellular Functions” and “Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems.”

Cecilia Clementi is the first researcher to go from Einstein Visiting Fellow to holding a long-term position in Berlin. This appointment will help strengthen research being done in the fields of theoretical and computational biophysics in Berlin as well as build bridges between experimental biophysics and applied mathematics.

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