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SFB 1078 at the Berlin Science Week 2021

Berlin Science Week 2021

Berlin Science Week 2021

Das helle Leuchten - SFB 1078

Das helle Leuchten - SFB 1078

The collaborative research center SFB 1078 "Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function" presented its work at the Berlin Science Week 2021 and offered on 5th and 6th November an exciting hybrid program for people interested in science.

News from Nov 01, 2021

Information Booth in the Museum of Natural History

Visitors stopped by our info booth in the exhibition "Evolution in Action" at the Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Natural History) and talked to the researchers in person about the latest findings.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle talked about the "protein dance"

In this virtual talk "On the Functionality of Biological Nanomachines", Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle, the spokesperson of the CRC 1078, provided insights into the so-called “protein dance”. The biophysicist explained how the combination of physics, chemistry, and biology helps to unravel dynamics in protein function and how this might be used for future applications.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev and PhD students had a hybrid panel discussion

Young scientists of the integrated graduate school of the SFB 1078 presented in a hybrid event five model proteins to identify how proton dynamics control protein function: photosystem for energy generation in plants, cytochrome c oxidase in the power plants of our cells, channelrhodopsins to generate light-induced neuronal activity and viroporins that allow viruses to invade the human body. They demonstrated these model proteins, showcased selected experiments and discussed the techniques that make the invisible visible.

"The Bright Shine" at the Science Fair "Tabula Rasa"

Already in the run-up to the Berlin Science Week, a subproject of the SFB 1078, participated in the kick-off event "Tabula Rasa - Science at your fingertips" at the Urania Berlin:  "The Bright Shine", a project by Maryam Sadeghi, Jens Balke, Dr. Soshichir Nagano, Prof. Dr. on Hughes and Prof. Dr. Ulriek Alexiev, prevailed in the Tabula Rasa's innovation competition and could present itself in a poster session on October 30, 2021 at the Urania. Physicist Maryam Sadeghi spoke with guests about the secrets of luminous protein molecules and also about the horizons that these research results open up in medicine.

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