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Athletic performance and team spirit at the Campus Run and Summer Party



True to the motto "Mens sana in corpore sano", physicists showed at the Campus Run 2022 that they excel not only academically but in athletics, too. With 23 runners, the "PhysRunners" team was the second largest at the university.

News from Jun 24, 2022

Around 2.000 students, employees, and friends of Freie Universität got together for a run and a campus party on June 16, 2022, and celebrated into the evening at the Holzlaube. With 1.110 people registered, the Campus Run was the largest in its seven-year history.

There were three teams from the physics department: "PhysRunners" (several AGs), "Quantum Supermessy" (AG Eisert) and "rAGketen Koch" (AG Koch). A total of 40 people - professors, students and scientists - completed the distances of 5, 7.5 or 10 kilometers. Even little Theo, the son of a physicist, participated in the 1-km distance.

Top performance on different distances

On the 10 km distance, professor Jan Behrends crossed the finish line as the tenth man. Another four male and two female physicists reached the top 25 in the 10 km race. On other distances, physicists demonstrated remarkable results, too.

In midsummer temperatures, all runners arrived at the finish line and demonstrated endurance and enthusiasm for sports.

Music, games and feasting at the summer party

To wind down after an athletic challenge, people were offered a versatile entertaining program at the Holzlaube. Chess, mini-golf, kicker, computer games - all those willing to play had a great choice of fun activities. In addition, there was a delightful musical stage program and a good selection of snacks and drinks.

But above all, there was one thing in the air – a fantastic family atmosphere and the joy of coming together again as a community of Freie Universität.

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