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Another Digital Semester

Lernen über digitale Formate

Lernen über digitale Formate
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The pandemic times pose special challenges for all of us. Under the given circumstances, we found feasible solutions that enable us to ensure good quality teaching and to continue working on research projects.

We hope that you make good progress in your studies and remain actively connected to our department online. We ask for your understanding that due to the hygiene regulations we will be able to offer only single on-site courses.

Key Information in Brief

  • Semester dates: April 12 – July 17, 2021
  • All modules will take place and will run mainly online.
  • There will be both face-to-face and online exams.
  • Studying in the premises of the department is currently not possible.

Last update: 04.03.2021

FAQ Digital Semester 2021

We offer ALL modules in the summer semester 2020/21. The modules will take place mainly in digital format.

Single exercise classes and some lab course experiments will be taught in person. You will get further precise information from the lecturers at the beginning of the course.

Course Catalog

No. The lecture times will be April 12 – July 17, 2021.

Academic calender

No, unfortunately not. Due to limited on-site operations, studying on the campus is not possible.
Students can borrow laptops, computers, and hardware from the IT service of the Physics Department. Please write to zedv@physik.fu-berlin.de.

  1. Exams will be run as online or on-site examinations depending on the course. 
  2. Students who cannot take on-site exams (e.g. due to a stay abroad) or online exams (e.g. due to bad internet connection) will be offered catch-up examinations. Depending on the circumstances, we will try to find an individual exam form that is suitable for every student to succeed.

We currently offer online sessions via Webex for students to view their individual results and corrections of written exams.

Yes, the personal contact between lecturers and students has always been and remains an essential part of studying at the Department of Physics. Please feel free to ask questions and initiate discussions during online modules and courses. You can also have an individual online conversation with a tutor – just ask the person for an appointment directly via e-mail.

We recommend students to arrange regular online meetings with fellow students and continue working in groups online, e.g. using Webex technology, which is also available to students. Studying and working in groups is more productive than learning alone.

Personal contacts are very important for study success. Please feel free to use the freshers' chat for networking and finding partners for exercises, learning groups and laboratory work.

Freshers' Chat

You are not alone with this feeling. The department and the university offer you various forms of assistance:

Walk towards us. Talk to the teaching staff. Life circumstances of every student are unique – we will try to provide individual support to each of you.

Advice and Support

Leveke Holler

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible!