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Compulsory modules for Bachelors of Physics Education

Theoretical Physics 2 for Prospective Teachers

Lecturer: Dr. Stefanie Ruß

20116701/20116702 - lecture and excercise class link

Experimental Physics 2

Lecturer: Dr. Elke Müller

20116301/20116302 - lecture and excercise class link

Mathematical Additions to Experimental Physics 2

Lecturer: StR Jörg Fandrich

20116307 - link to the integrated lecture

Introduction to the Structure of Matter

Lecturer: Dr. Elke Müller

20116407/20116402 - link to the integrated lecture and excercise class

Design of Learning Environments

Lecturer: Prof. Volkhard Nordmeier and Dr. Philipp Straube

20118711 - seminar link

Teaching and Learning Physics in the Student Lab - Seminar on linking theory and practice

Lecturer: Dr. René Dohrmann, Christine Meißner and Prof. Volkhard Nordmeier

20121311 - seminar link

Basic Lab in Physics 

Lecturers: Dr. Christoph Kohstall, Dr. Beate Schattat and Prof. Paul Fumagalli

The Basic Lab is postponed to July - September 2020.

20102330 - Link to Basic Lab 1-LA (SK)

20102530 - Link to Basic Lab  2-LA (SK)

Demonstration Practice I

Lecturers: Prof. Volkhard Nordmeier and Dr. Dirk Schwarzhans

The practical course will take place as a block in autumn 2020.

20102011 - seminar link

20102030 - lab course link

Primary School Education

Physics for Primary School 2

Lecturer: StR Jörg Fandrich

20100101/20100102 - lecture and excercise class link

Natural Sciences for Primary Education

Lecturer: Dr. Philipp Straube 

20122611 - seminar link