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Compulsory for Physics Masters

Advanced Laboratory Course for Master Students

Lecturer:  Dr. Cornelius Gahl

The seminar and the internship will be postponed to July - September.

20102711 - seminar

20102730 - internship link

Selected Topics: Advanced Statistical Physics of Biological and Soft-Matter Systems

Lecturer:  Prof. Roland Netz

20010511 - seminar link

20010511 - seminar link (for extern participants)

Selected Topics: Recent Achievements in Nanomagnetism

Lecturer: Prof. Katharina Franke

20110911 - seminar link

Selected Topics: Quantum magnetism and the theory of strongly correlated electrons

Lecturer: Prof. Johannes Reuther 

20118011 - seminar link

Selected Topics on Gender and Physics

Lecturer: Prof. Martina Erlemann

20122811 - seminar link