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Electives for Physics Masters

Astrophysical Practical Course

Lecturer: Dr. Beate Patzer, TU Berlin

20103401 - link to lab course

Remote Sensing of Planetary Atmospheres

Lecturer: Dr. Antonio Garcia-Munoz, TU Berlin

20103401 - lecture link

Production of Biological Samples in Biophysics

Lecturer: Dr. Ramona Schlesinger

The course is postponed to July - September 2020. 

20104901 - lecture link

20104902 - exercise link 

Electronic Structure Methods and Applications

Lecturer: Prof. Ana-Nicoleta Bondar

20105501/20105502 - lecture and exercise

Special Topics in Molecular Biophysics

Lecturer: Dr. Michael Haumann

20105701/20105702 - lecture and exercise class link

Computational Astrophysical Practical Course (Numerikum)

Lecturer: Dr. Michael Schulreich, TU Berlin

20108530 - link to lab course

Special Topics in Magnetism: Magnetism in Reduced Dimensions and Spin Transport

Lecturer: Prof. Wolfgang Kuch

20108901/ 20108902 - lecture and exercise class

Preparatory Course to the Advanced Master Laboratory

Lecturer: Dr. Cornelius Gahl

The course is postponed to July - September 2020. 

20109101 - lecture link

20109102 - exercise link

Magnetic Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and Applications

Lecturer: Dr. Carolin Schmitz-Antoniak

20110101 / 20110102 - lecture and seminar

Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion – From the Stars to the Laboratory

Lecturer: Prof. Hans-Stephan Wilfried Bosch, TU Berlin

20111201 - lecture link

Signal Analysis in Physics: from Fourier transformation and sampling to the lock-in amplifier

Lecturer: Prof. Tobias Kampfrath

20112701/20112702 - lecture and exercise class link

Gender and Science: An Introduction

Lecturer: Prof. Martina Erlemann

20114901/20114902 - lecture and exercise class link

Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics

Lecturer: Dr. Albrecht Lindinger

20115501/20115502 - lecture and exercise class link

Methods of Molecular Simulations

The course will be given in block form from 10/8 to 28/8. Further information will be announced on Blackboard

Lecturer: Prof. Felix Höfling

20115901/20115902 - lecture and exercise class link

Hot Solar System Plasmas

Lectureren: Prof. Jörg Büchner und  Dr. Patricio Munoz Sepulveda, TU Berlin

20116901 - lecture link

Plasma Astrophysics

Lecturer: Prof. Wolf-Christian Müller, TU Berlin

20117701 - lecture link

Bioinformatic Tools for Biology and Biophysics

Lectureren: Prof. Holger Dau und Prof. Robert Burnap

20118101/20118102 - lecture and exercise class link

Coherent Spectroscopy

Lecturer: Prof. Robert Bittl

20119801/20119802 - lecture and exercise class link

Relativistic Particles in Condensed Matter

Lecturer: Prof. Piet Brouwer and Maxim Breitkreiz

20120401 / 20120402 - lecture and exercise class

Special Topics in Molecular Physics

Lecturer: Dr. Albrecht Lindinger

20120701/20120702 - lecture and exercise class link

BCS Theory of Superconductivity

Lecturer: Prof. Piet Brouwer

20122701 / 20122702 - lecture and practical seminar