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Organizational Matters for Lecturers

Software and Applications

  • PowerPoint: Create presentation and record it as a slide show (tab "slide show" => "Record slide show") 

  • Cisco webex as a cloud solution for live streaming of courses. Blackboard compatible. 

  • Cisco Meeting App for video conferences. Login: FUaccount@fu-berlin.de; password: FU-Passwort.

  • box.FU - cloud for sharing large files and videos. 

  • PDF Annotator - The software allows to edit PDF documents on a tablet with a pen, to insert images and draw graphics. You can derive facts in the lecture video directly, save it and send it as PDF.  Please contact Jens Dreger if you need PDF Annotator.  

  • Handbrake - Software for video compresison. 

Online Lehren & Lernen - Here CeDiS has listed all the technical solutions university provides us with for online teaching. 

Best Practice at the Department of Physics

Some ideas on the design of online teaching (in German, password protected)

The password will be provided to all teaching staff via e-mail soon.

Physics Chat - Forum for quick exchange among lecturers of Physics. If you have no access now, please contact Jens Dreger or Jörg Behrmann

Forum Online-Lehre@FU - central forum for discussing online teaching formats with other departments.