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Corona Regulations for the winter semester 2021/22

Predominantly face-to-face study


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Arbeitsplätze am Fachbereich Physik an der Freien Universität Berlin

BoB (in German: library without books): workplaces in the former library

Status October 11, 2021
Please note short-term updates sent via email to students and lecturers!

After three semesters largely in an online mode, we are now preparing for a winter semester with teaching and learning which will take place predominantly on campus in the building of the Department of Physics.

Key Information in Brief

  • Semester dates: 18.10.2021 - 19.02.2021
  • We offer all modules, predominantly as face-to-face courses.
  • For mutual protection, all continue to wear masks.
  • Tracking in case of infection will be done via a barcode web application.
  • Studying on campus is mostly possible again.
  • We recommend vaccination to all students.

3Gs – vaccinated, recovered, tested

We will follow the 3G rule "Geimpft, genesen, getestet" (in German). Only people who are vaccinated, recovered or tested can participate in on-site courses. Given that, it will be possible to dispense with the general obligation to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, insofar as the current infection situation permits. (Details, English version at the bottom)

As of  20 October 2021, 52 master students are vaccinated, 7 are waiting for the 2nd vaccination and 1 was tested.

Admission controls during the first weeks of the semester

There will be admission controls at the entrance to the physics building. We ask all students to arrive at the department's entrance about 25 minutes before the start of the lecture to be on time in the lecture hall despite the entrance control.

Maximum flexibility for high-quality teaching

Pandemic times require extra flexibility from all of us. In the last three semesters, the physics department has implemented feasible solutions that have ensured good quality studies and research. However, only a limited amount of face-to-face courses could take place. This is now to change. But still, due to the unpredictability of the infection situation, is it probable that face-to-face teaching will not be realized as planned if the distance rules are omitted. But even then, we will make every effort to keep the proportion of on-campus courses at a high level, especially for students in the first and third semesters.

We wish all students a good start into the winter semester 2021/22!

FAQ to Winter Semester 2021/22 - Coming back to face-to-face studies

We offer all modules in the winter semester 2021/22.

Practically all courses take place on campus. Some lecturers will offer online formats if face-to-face teaching is not possible for organizational/spatial or didactic reasons.

However, if an aggravated infection situation leads to the reintroduction of the distance rule at Berlin's universities, we will not be able to teach all courses in person. But even then, we will offer many live courses, especially those for the first and third semesters as well as internships.

Yes, the attendance of all students will be documented by means of a barcode web application*. In front of all lecture halls and seminar rooms, you'll find barcodes posted. Please scan these with your smartphone and enter your contact details and time of attendance. The data will only be used to identify contacts in case of infection.

* The application has been developed at the Department of Mathematics & Informatics at the FU Berlin and complies with General Data Protection Regulation.

Yes, students are generally required to wear a protective mask in university buildings. If the minimum distance cannot be maintained in courses, there is an obligation to wear an FFP-2 mask.

Personal contacts are very important for study success. Please feel free to visit the bridge course (in German) and to use the freshers' chat for networking and finding partners for exercises, learning groups and laboratory work.

Freshers' Chat

You can also can have contact to FSI: fsi@physik.fu-berlin.de. They will introduce you to the students' community at the Department of Physics.

Yes, the personal contact between lecturers and students has always been and remains an essential part of studying at the Department of Physics. Whether you attend a face-to-face or online class, please feel free to ask questions and initiate discussions, show initiative and approach faculty members about research projects.

Yes, studying and working on campus will be possible again.Yes, studying and working on campus will be possible again.

  • The student center in the BoB (library without books) may be used for learning again. Corona regulations in the BoB
  • Reading rooms and working places in the university's library may be used again. Details

If the infection situation worsens, we will have to restrict the use of public spaces again. We sincerely hope that this case will not occur.

Borrowing a computer

Students can still borrow laptops, PC and other hardware from the ZEDV of the FB Physics (zedv@physik.fu-berlin.de) if there is a need.

You can spend your free time in the courtyards of the physics department between tract 1 and 2 as well as between tract 3 and 4. In addition, we have roof terraces with seating.

Furthermore, staying in the BoB (student center) is allowed again.

You are not alone with this feeling. The department and the university offer students various forms of assistance:

Walk towards us. Talk to the teaching staff. All life circumstances are different – we will try to help within the scope of our possibilities.

You can get vaccinated at several Corona vaccination centers in Berlin. For this, you can drop by the vaccination center spontaneously or book a vaccination appointment online beforehand.

It is not necessary to be registered in Berlin. Identification papers are required to get a vaccination certificate.

You may study without vaccination. You must then prove that you have recovered or tested negative. We would nevertheless like to recommend that you get vaccinated in good time.

Because only vaccinated, recovered, or tested persons can take advantage of live studies and university's services. Proof of a negative PCR test result must not be older than 48 hours; a rapid test must be current to the day.

Advice and Support

Leveke Holler

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us: