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FAQ to Winter Semester 2021/22 - Coming back to face-to-face studies

We offer all modules in the winter semester 2021/22.

Practically all courses take place on campus.

However, if an aggravated infection situation leads to the reintroduction of the distance rule at Berlin's universities, we will not be able to teach all courses in person. But even then, we will offer many live courses, especially those for the first and third semesters as well as internships.

No, we will not have any paper lists. We will monitor attendance in the rooms via a barcode app, which the Department of Informatics developed specifically for this purpose. In case of infection, the app will allow us to trace contacts back.

Yes. Students are generally required to wear a protective mask in university buildings.

Personal contacts are very important for study success. Please feel free to visit the bridge course (in German) and to use the freshers' chat for networking and finding partners for exercises, learning groups and laboratory work.

Freshers' Chat

You can also can have contact to FSI: fsi@physik.fu-berlin.de. They will introduce you to the students' community at the Department of Physics.

Yes, the personal contact between lecturers and students has always been and remains an essential part of studying at the Department of Physics. Whether you attend a face-to-face or online class, please feel free to ask questions and initiate discussions, show initiative and approach faculty members about research projects.

Yes, learning and working on campus will be possible again.

  •  The reading rooms of the libraries are open again.
  •  The learning center in the BoB (library without books) may be used for learning again.

If the infection situation worsens, we will have to restrict the use of public spaces again. We sincerely hope that this case will not occur.

Students can still borrow laptops, PC and other hardware from the ZEDV of the FB Physics (zedv@physik.fu-berlin.de) if there is a need.

You are not alone with this feeling. The department and the university offer students various forms of assistance:

Walk towards us. Talk to the teaching staff. All life circumstances are different – we will try to help within the scope of our possibilities.

We strongly recommend that you get vaccinated in time. However, you may also study without vaccination. You must then prove that you have recovered or tested negative.

Only vaccinated, recovered, or tested persons can take advantage of live studies and university's services. Proof of a negative PCR test result must not be older than 48 hours; a rapid test must be current to the day.