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Preparatory Course to the Advanced Master Laboratory

(last update 08.11.2018)

This course is intended for Master Students who have not passed extended introductory courses to laboratory experiments during their Bachelor studies.

In this case we strongly recommend the course before entering the Advanced Master Laboratory.

Please note that at FU the Physics Bachelor comprises three basic and one intermediate laboratory course (16 + 8 ECTS).

Depending on your experience, you can choose between:

  1. Two experiments in the Basic Lab (Electric Signals or Optics) and three experiments in the Intermediate Lab (Zeeman effect, Scanning tunneling microscopy, Rayleigh scattering)
  2. Four experiments in the Intermediate Lab (HeNe-Laser, Zeeman effect, Scanning tunneling microscopy, Rayleigh scattering)


please register here for the course until October 28th 2018 !

It is also necessary to register in the Campus Management for this course!

Instructions for Lab and Radiation Safety (mandatory for all participants!)
  • Monday 22.10.2018, 14:15, room 1.1.16 (English)
  • [Ersatztermin auf Deutsch: Mittwoch 17.10.2018, 12:00, HS B (room 0.1.01)]

  • Introduction to the lab course: Monday 29.10.2018, 15:00, room 0.4.18)

    The laboratory experiments will start on 08.11.2018.


Dr. Cornelius Gahl
email: c.gahl@fu-berlin.de
Phone: 838-56065 room: 0.4.14
Prof. Dr. Martin Weinelt email: weinelt@physik.fu-berlin.de
Phone: 838-56060 room: 0.4.15

Laboratory sessions:

Basic Lab: Thursday 9:00 -- 13:00

Intermediate Lab: Thursday 10:00 -- 20:00 (other dates on demand)

Lab calender

List of groups

Material for the experiments:

Basic laboratory course

Intermediate laboratory course