There are open PhD positions, follow this link for details!


Bachelor or Master thesis

  • biophysics / biological photosynthesis

  • energy research / artificial photosynthesis (sustainable catalysts for solar fuels)

Maybe your are interested in joining the group as a Bachelor or Master student working on his thesis. Currently, several work places are available. Your thesis work may be either in the field of biological photosynthesis (biophysics) or artificial photosynthesis (energy research).


Prof. Holger Dau

phone  030/838-53581 / e-mail Holger Dau


Application for PostDoc fellowships

We will support applications for a PostDoc fellowship (e.g., the prestigious and well-funded PostDoc fellowships of the "Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation") provided the applicant:

  • holds a PhD in physics, chemistry or biology (or will get his PhD within the next 8 months),

  • is able to communicate in English efficiently,

  • is scientifically highly qualified (as proven by several excellent publications in international journals),

  • has specific experience in a research area or experimental method related to the research interest of our group (e.g., photosynthesis, solar fuels, water oxidation, X-ray spectroscopy)

  • is highly interested in biophysical research or energy research (solar fuels)

  • is highly motivated, and intends to promote his/her academic career by a PostDoc stay in our lab at the Free University in Berlin.

Holger Dau