AG Bolotin

Nanoscale Transport and Optoelectronics

Prof. Dr. Kirill Bolotin

AddressArnimallee 14
Room 1.2.37
14195 Berlin
OfficeThea Postler, Room 0.4.16
Telephone+49-30-838-50900 (Prof. K. Bolotin); -53341 (T. Postler)

Nanoscale Transport and Optoelectronics @ Freie University 

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Topics: Nanosciece, two dimensional materials (graphene, monolayer TMDCs, heterostructures, boron nitride), optoelectronics, quantum transport

Arnimallee 14
Room 1.2.37
14195 Berlin
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Interested potential Masters students, PhD students, and postdocs -- please contact Kirill Bolotin

Availible Master's projects:

Availible PhD/postdoc projects:

  • ERC project (PhD or postdoc) "Unlocking new physics in controllably strained two-dimensional materials"
  • PhD project PhotonX "The effects of strong electrical fields in bilayer TMDCs interfaced with high-quality ALD-grown oxides"
  • PhD project PhotonX "Tailored Single Quantum Emitters in monolayer TMDCs"