past lectures

Advanced Statistical Physics II (Winter 2017/18)

Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

Florian Bruenig, Laura Lavacchi, Bernhard Mitterwallner

Lecture Time: Mo. 10-12 and We. 10-12, 1.3.14 Hörsaal A (Arnimallee 14)


group 1: Tu. 14-16, (Arnimallee 14)

group 2: Fr. 14-14, (Arnimallee 14)



Audience: students who have attended the course Advanced Statistical Physics I


- skript (uncorrected!)


- non-equilibrium thermodynamics (Entropy production, Onsager relations)


- causality and fluctuations

 - stochastic processes (Markov processes, Master equation, Langevin and Fokker-Planck equation) - kinetic theory - phase transitions (Landau theory, Gaussian fluctuations, correlation functions, renormalization theory) - theory of liquids - hydrodynamics and elasticity theory


  • de Groot and Mazur, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics


  • Risken, The Fokker-Planck Equation


  • van Kampen, Stochastic processes in physics and chemistry


  • Zwanzig, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics





Advanced Statistical Physics of Biological and Soft-Matter Systems

Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

Seminar Time: We. 16-18, 1.3.48 Seminarraum T3 Hörsaal A (Arnimallee 14)


Modern Topics in Theoretical Biological and Soft-Matter Physics

Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

Seminar Time: Th. 16-18, 1.4.03 Seminarraum T2 (Arnimallee 14)