past lectures

Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics (Summer 2017)

Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

Douwe Bonthuis, Julian Kappler, Philip Loche

Target audience: students admitted to the Master's program

Lecture Time: Tu. 10-12 and Fr. 08-10, 1.3.14 Hörsaal A (Arnimallee 14)

group 1: Tu. 12-14, 1.4.03, Seminarraum T2 (Arnimallee 14)

group 2: Th. 12-14, 1.4.03, Seminarraum T2 (Arnimallee 14)

group 3: Fr. 10-12, 1.4.31, Seminarraum E3 (Arnimallee 14)

Content: Contents.pdf
  - equilibrium ensembles
  - thermodynamics: thermodynamic potentials, laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic cycles
  - ideal quantum gases
  - phase transitions
  - interacting systems
  - introduction to non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
  Script (Chapter 1-5)
Literature: R.K. Pathria, Statistical Mechanics (Butterworth Heinemann 1996)
  F. Schwabl, Statistical Mechanics (2nd ed., Springer 2006)
  F. Reif, Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics (McGraw-Hill 1965)

W. Nolting, Grundkurs theoretische Physik 6: Statistische Physik (Springer 2005)


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Seminar: Advanced Statistical Physics of Biological and Soft-Matter Systems

Time:        Wed. 16:00-18:00

Room:      seminar room T3 (room 1.3.48, Arnimallee 14)

Participation of M.Sc. students with a background in statistical physics is encouraged.

Seminar: Modern Topics in Theoretical Biological and Soft-Matter Physics

Time:        Thu. 16:00-18:00

Room:      seminar room T2 (room 1.4.03, Arnimallee 14)

Research seminar on recent topics in Theoretical Biological and Soft-Matter Physics, presented by international and national guests as well as group members. )