Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev

Molecular Biophysics - Structural Dynamics and Function of Biological Systems

Frau Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev

AddressArnimallee 14
Room 1.2.34
14195 Berlin

Research Interests

Our current work includes the investigation of proton transport, dynamics and conformational changes in transmembrane proteins and the detailed dissection of the structural, physical and chemical parameters affecting conformational changes in proteins. The proteins under investigation are visual rhodopsin, bacteriorhodopsin, proteorhodopsin, bacteriorhodopsin-GPCR chimeras, MHC-molecules, and cytochrom c oxidase.

A related topic focuses on the dynamics of protein-protein and protein-DNA-interactions, namely rhodopsin-transducin, rhodopsin-arrestin, MHC-T cell receptor and helicase-DNA interaction. The interdisciplinary work with molecular biologists, biochemists, crystallographers, experimental and theoretical biophysicists allows us to elucidate the exact nature of the molecular mechanisms underlying the important processes of activation, molecular recognition and deactivation of membrane receptors.