Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev

AG Structural Dynamics and Function of Biological Systems

Molecular Biophysics and Nanomedicine

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev
AddressArnimallee 14
Room 1.2.34
14195 Berlin
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The focus of the group’s activities lies on the application and development of new spectroscopic, microscopic, and theoretical methods to study protein structure and real-time dynamics, as well as biomolecular interactions on the molecular, cellular and tissue level. Understanding biomolecular interactions also plays a key role in the development of new nanomedical approaches.
Currently, we are working on the following main projects:

  • Protonation dynamics, structure, and function of photoreceptors, ion channels and cytochrome c oxidase (SFB1078)
  • Nanomedicine: Analytical methods and visualization techniques for investigating nanocarriers and targeted drug release (SFB1112)