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Pathways in Physics: Dr. Jannis Fischer, the developer of medical technology and founder of Positrigo

Mar 24, 2021 | 06:00 PM s.t.
Jannis Fischer

Jannis Fischer

Jannis Fischer, who was born in Berlin, gained a bachelor degree in Physics at our department. He then continued to graduate in physics at universities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

During his research work at ETH Zurich, Jannis Fischer developed a new type of PET scanner that makes functional brain imaging at a fraction of today’s cost possible, thus enabling Alzheimer's prevention on a broad scale.

Jannis Fischer will talk about his pathway from studying in Berlin to starting up Positrigo and share his vision for the future.

Meet Jannis Fischer

My company Positrigo will make imaging everyone possible with its brain positron emission tomograph. It makes molecular imaging of the brain and, in particular, the early detection of diseases such as Alzheimer's more available. The idea was born during my PhD in particle physics and has now led me to head my own company together with my partner Max Ahnen. I am delighted that I can thus turn the results of research into practical benefits, while having a great deal of creative freedom and responsibility for the company.

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  • 2007-2010 Bachelor studies at the FU Berlin
  • 2009/2010 Exchanges to ETH Zurich and CERN
  • 2010-2013 Master studies at the HU Berlin
  • 2011/2012 Exchange to the University of California Los Angeles
  • 2014-2017 PhD studies at ETH Zurich
  • 2017-2020 Pioneer Fellow and Research Associate at ETH Zurich in the BPET project
  • 2018 Foundation of the company Positrigo
  • since 2020 full time at Positrigo as CEO

My advice to future physicists

Explore as many areas of physics as possible and preferably other subjects beyond that.

Time & Location

Mar 24, 2021 | 06:00 PM s.t.

Online via Webex

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