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Katerina Kanevche


Fachbereich Physik

Institut für experimentelle Physik

Experimentelle Molekulare Biophysik


Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin

Hi, I am Katerina Kanevche coming from Macedonia. I’ve completed my bachelor and masters studies at the Jacobs University Bremen. The focus of my MSc thesis was investigation of citrus oils using Raman spectroscopy.

I started my PhD at AG Hebrele in August 2015. My research topics of interest are near-field IR microscopy (SNIM) and nano-FTIR spectroscopy. The SNIM setup, equipped with an AFM and quantum cascade laser, is capable of recording topography as well as images of the scattered near-field amplitude and phase, thus revealing the local IR response of the specimen.

Nano-FTIR offers the possibility to collect spectra at the molecular level by incorporating a broadband laser source in the SNIM setup. Ultimately these super resolution techniques will be implemented for chemical imaging and nano-spectroscopy of solid-supported membrane proteins.