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Praktikum Fortgeschrittene Biophysik

20114130 PRAKTIKUM

Dozenten: Joachim Heberle
Sprache: Englisch
Zeitraum: 21.04.2016 - 21.07.2016
Haupttermin Do, 12:00 - 20:00 Uhr - Raum 1.1.33
maximale Teilnehmerzahl  unbeschränkt

10 ECTS only together with lecture 20114101!

At the beginning of the practical, you will be introduced into laser safety rules and chemistry lab regulations. Participation is mandatory. Without your participation, you are not allowed to enter the practical.

Inhalt: The advanced laboratory course in biophysics will contain selected spectroscopic techniques on relevant biomolecules like proteins and artificial membranes. Among others, the course will include stationary and time-resolved optical and vibrational spectroscopy of proteins, impedance spectroscopy and application of a quartz micro balance to artificial membranes as well as activity measurements of a molecular proton pump by the stopped-flow technique. Groups of two students each have to perform four experiments during this course. Evaluation of the experiments will be done in written form.
Kontakt: svenstripp@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Gruppenzuordnung und Zeitplan


Experimente des Praktikums:

(1) Vibrational Spectroscopy Applied to Biomolecules

    (a) FT-IR-difference Spectroscopy on Proteins

    (b) Resonance Raman Spectroscopy on Proteins


(2) Normal Mode Analysis of Peptides

    (a) DFT

    (b) Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy


(3) Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Protein Function

    (a) Flash Photolysis: Transport of Protons Across Biological Membranes

    (b) Time-Resolved Step-Scan FT-IR Difference Spectroscopy of Bacteriorhodopsin


(4) Thermal and Elastic Properties of Biomembranes

    (a) Thermal Phase Transition of Lipid Membranes

    (b) Atomic Force Microscopy and Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy