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M.Sc. Aoife Redlich

I studied for my Bachelor of Physics in Queens University, Belfast, writing my final project on the activity of the solar chromosphere. After moving to Berlin to study for a Msc, my attention shifted from extremely large scale phenomena to the molecular scale of biophysical mechanisms.

I wrote my Master thesis in AG Heberle, studying a coupled photo lipid and mechanosensor protein using SEIRAS.

I'm currently working under the Unified Systems in Catalysis (UniSysCat) project framework, more specifically in project E: Signal-Controlled Multicomponent Catalysis. Simply put, we hope to adapt small biophysical systems to incorporate a light trigger.


Aoife Murnin

Fachbereich Physik

Institut für experimentelle Physik

Experimentelle Molekulare Biophysik

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Arnimallee 14
Raum 1.2.50
14195 Berlin