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2003: Ultrafast coherent nuclear motions of hydrogen bonded carboxylic acid dimers

Heyne, K; Huse, N; Nibbering, ETJ; Elsaesser, T

CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2003, 369, p. 591-596

Real-time vibrational dynamics of the cyclic dimer of deuterated acetic acid in solution, a model system for hydrogen-bonded units of biomolecules, are elucidated by ultrafast infrared spectroscopy. Upon excitation of the O-D stretching mode, we demonstrate coherent nuclear motions along several intermolecular low-frequency modes of the dimer. The anharmonic coupling of the fast O-D stretching and slow low-frequency motions is isolated in the nonlinear vibrational response whereas other couplings are suppressed. The large-amplitude motions persist for several pico-seconds, potentially allowing for optical control of (bio)chemical dynamics.


DOI 10.1016/S0009-2614(03)00023-X