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  • Active participation in the discussion, regular attendance
  • One presentation of 30-40 mins
  • Summary of the presentation (approx. 5 pages, to be submitted one week after the presentation)

Time line:

  • 3 weeks before your presentation: Meeting with your supervisor, material for your presentation, first discussion
  • 2 weeks before your presentation: Second meeting with your supervisor to discuss your talk and open questions
  • 1 week before your presentation: Mock-up talk (Thur@10a.m.) with Prof. Reich and your supervisor
  • Presentation and discussion
  • 1 week after your presentation: Submission of presentation summary
  • 3 weeks after your presentation: Final meeting with your supervisor, feedback on the summary, correction

It is your duty to contact your supervisor, set up meetings, submit the summary on time etc. pp. You will not be allowed to present without giving your mock-up presentation. Do not hesitate to contact Prof. Reich in case of difficulties with a supervisor.

Technical support:

  • Projector will be provided by us
  • Computer is available (please, inform at least a day in advance)


How to ... ... do a good presentation: The three most important rules
  • Your prime target is your audience
  • Visualize! The slides are the visual support of your talk
  • Tell a story
... come up with good questions
  • Take out paper and pen
  • Listen and write down points you are interested in, do not understand and/or want more details about
  • Be self confident
... be relaxed while giving your presentation
  • Sorry, there is no real help (good preparation is key, though)
And the one thing NOT to do
  • You will be failed for plagiarism