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Elementary Processes in Molecular Switches at Surfaces

"Elementary processes in molecular switches at surfaces" is the title of a large research center at our department. Experimentalists and theoreticians work together with chemists and physicists from other universities and institutes to understand the properties of switchable molecules and their interaction with solid surfaces. The research center is an excellent example of the interdisciplinary nature of modern science. The idea of this advanced student seminar is to introduce research topics and challenges that are tackled within the research center. We will first set the general framework by studying molecular switches, their occurrence in nature and potential application. From there we will move to the interaction between an extended solid-state system and a large molecule. The projects pursued by research groups within the center will be presented. A general introduction into a project will be juxtaposed a specific paper and example of recent work. Since this is the first seminar series of this type, the talks will focus on projects lead by groups at the physics department (Brouwer, Franke, Kuch, von Oppen, Reich, Weinelt). The seminar will be an excellent opportunity to learn about a major research topic in our department. We also welcome advanced Ma and PhD students who work on a project in the research center and want to get an overview over the other projects. To earn credits you will present a scientific talk of 30-40 mins followed by a discussion.


Dozent/inDr. A. Setaro, Prof. Dr. S. Reich
Veranstaltungsumfang2 SWS
Raum1.1.16 (FB-Raum)
Beginn11.04.2013 | 12:00
Ende11.07.2013 | 14:00

Do. 12:00 - 14:00

Seminar schedule

Date TP AG Title Supervisor Student



Molecular switches in nature and technology: An introduction Antonio Setaro Raphael Jay
5/2/2013 A1 Franke Molecules on metal surfaces investigated with scanning tunnelling microscopy Benjamin Heinrich Johannes Enslin
5/16/2013 A1 Franke Driving a Macroscopic Oscillator with a Hydrogen Molecule Katharina Franke Duyugu Kantar
5/23/2013 C4 von Oppen/Brouwer Electron-driven molecular motors Mark Thomas Pantelis Chittas
5/23/2013 C4 von Oppen/Brouwer Adiabatic quantum motors Mark Thomas Hagos Waterman
5/30/2013 B3 Kuch Magnetism and lateral ordering phenomena of switchable molecules on surfaces Matthias Bernien Lorenz Drescher
5/30/2013 B3 Kuch Spin Crossover in a Vacuum-Deposited Submonolayer of a Molecular Iron(II) Complex Matthias Bernien Tarek Salha
6/6/2013 C4 von Oppen/Brouwer Magnetic Molecules Piet Brouwer Mahammad Hadi Timachi
6/6/2013 A6 Reich/Setaro Low-dimensional carbon surfaces: Carbon nanotubes and graphene Sebastian Heeg Julius Otto
6/13/2013 A6 Reich/Setaro Functionalization of carbon nanotubes with molecular switches Pascal Blümmel Mario Köpping
6/13/2013 A6 Reich/Setaro Energy transfer complexes of molecules and nanotubes Friederike Ernst Malte Lauritz Wansleben