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EPR and EDMR Spectroscopy

Through the BeJEL platform we have access to a variety of different spectrometers at the FU Berlin and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie to perform EPR and EDMR experiments.

In addition, we use a tabletop EPR spectrometer to, e.g., quickly and reliably measure the concentration of paramagnetic defect states in a sample.

Sample Preparation (wet-chemical processing)

A glovebox is used to fabricate thin organic semiconductor films by wet-chemical processing. The box is equipped with the necessary equipment to pepare absorber layers for solar cells in an inert atmosphere.

Sample Preparation (thermal evaporation)

A second glovebox system allows us to deposit thin metal films (e.g., contact layers for solar cells, light-emitting diodes or transistors) and to evaporate small molecules. The deposition process takes place inside a vacuum chamber that is integrated in the nitrogen-filled glovebox. This prevents the samples from being exposed to oxygen, which can accelerate degradation processes. In this way we can study the intrinsic properties of materials and devices.

Electrical Characterisation

A probe station is used for analysing the current-voltage characteristics of electronic devices such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes and transistors.