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Master of Science

✓ excellent research ✓ supportive community
Application period: 15.04.2024 – 15.08.2024


Physics research and training have been integral parts of Freie Universität Berlin's academic program for 75 years.

Rooted in a breakthrough physics tradition

Initially, physicists at Freie Universität Berlin were housed in the buildings of the former Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics, where Max Planck and Albert Einstein once worked Today, the Physics department is a diverse community promoting free thinking and encouraging a passion for innovation.

Research for the world and future

Our current research areas include biophysics, quantum physics, ultrafast physics, nanophysics and surface science, and physics education. We work both experimentally and theoretically and focus on fundamental research.

Our department is home to several collaborative research centers and scientific consortia. Here, physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists work closely together in large international and interdisciplinary teams. work closely together in large international and interdisciplinary teams. The goal is to provide essential fundamentals for innovation in science, the development of new technologies, and future applications.

Passionate about teaching

In our Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs we train young scientists, physics teachers and academic professionals who are highly desired in many industries, education and diverse public sectors.

Our flexible study plans provide core physics knowledge combined with insights from modern research. In addition to attending lectures, our students work in state-of-the-art laboratories. We involve them in the scientific activities of the department.