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Active Members


Emil Bergholtz

Group Leader

emil.bergholtz [at] fysik.su.se

I defended my PhD in Stockholm in 2008 and before coming to Berlin I also spent three years at Max Planck in Dresden where I was a PKS fellow. I work on a broad range of quantum many-body phenomena, in particular on strongly correlated and topological phases such as fractional Chern insulators, geometrically frustrated magnets and Weyl semimetals.


Gabriele Herrmann

Group administrator

gabriele.herrmann [at] fu-berlin.de


Zhao Liu


I arrived in Berlin in September of 2015 after a postdoc at Princeton University. Before that, I got my Ph.D degree in the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and I did my undergraduate studies at Nanjing University. In my research I often use a toolbox including numerical techniques including exact diagonalization and DMRG/MPS algorithms to investigate with strongly-interacting and topological quantum systems, such as fractional Chern insulators.


Ville Lahtinen

Associated postdoctoral researcher (DRS fellow)

vtlahtin [at] zedat.fu-berlin.de

I obtained my PhD at the University of Leeds, and after post-docs at Nordita and Amsterdam, I joined FU Berlin in 2015 as a DRS POINT fellow. My research focuses broadly on topological order and anyons in condensed matter systems. My recent interests concern collective states of defects in topological states and quantum criticality.


Jörg Behrmann

PhD student

behrmann [at] physik.fu-berlin.de

I've been around for longer than most people here, my fellow group members included and was lucky to meet Emil when he was just starting the group up. After doing my master thesis project, which I finished 2013, with him I stayed on for my PhD. My research interest are Fractional Chern Insulators which I look at by doing numerics (exact diagonalisation, although I would like to branch out into tensor network methods), because I like computers, but if need be I can also use pencil and paper. Besides research, I run the department and foster my fellow theoretician's caffeine addiction and I also like long walks on the beach.

Maximilian Trescher

PhD student

maximilian.trescher [at] fu-berlin.de

Following my bachelor studies at FU Berlin, I continued with Master studies at UPMC and ENS in Paris where I graduated in 2014. I am interested in topological lattice models and their connection to Weyl semimetals. Currently I am working on transport properties of Weyl semimetals using various numerical and analytical techniques as well as on topological phases in geometrically frustrated systems.


Flore Kunst

PhD student

flore.kunst [at] fu-berlin.de

After completing my Master in Theoretical Physics at the Universiteit Utrecht (NL), I started my PhD in Berlin in May 2015. My work here relates to topological lattice models, frustrated systems and the topological phases observed in the latter. Currently, I am investigating the ingredients necessary for the occurrence of these phases by considering simple toy-models. I mainly use analytical techniques but recently also started dipping my fingers into more numerical approaches.


Irina Gancheva

Master Student

gancheva [at] zedat.fu-berlin.de

I finished my undergraduate physics studies at the University of Stuttgart, where I also completed the graduate coursework phase from the Master programme. For the research phase I moved to the Free University, Berlin and joined Emil's group. My work here is focused on topological insulators and Weyl semimetals and the toy model I use is inspired by the Pyrochlore lattice.


Kevin Madsen

Master Student

kevin.madsen [at] fu-berlin.de

I recieved my bachelors degree from the FU Berlin, and am currently enroled in the masters program at the HU Berlin. For my bachelors thesis I already worked together with Emil (10.1103/PhysRevB.88.125118). I am currently part in Emils group and working on superconducting Weyl semimetals for my masters thesis which I expect to finish in late 2015 or early 2016.


Jann Launer

Master Student

jlauner [at] physik.fu-berlin.de

My undergraduate studies in physics were based in Hamburg interrupted by a stay in Uppsala, Sweden. I moved to Berlin to continue my career with a Master at Freie Universität and I am currently working on a project that aims to elaborate ways to stabilise topological states of matter in open quantum systems by means of engineered dissipation.


David Schneider

Master Student

david.p.schneider [at] fu-berlin.de


Marlon Rück

Bachelor student

→ FU Berlin, Master student

Huaiyu Li

Bachelor student

→ Peking University, Master student

Alexander Nietner

affiliated Master student

Diana Prychynenko

Bachelor student

→ ETH Zürich/FU Berlin, Master student

→ Mainz, PhD

Samuel Sanchez

Master student

→ Kopenhagen, Niels-Bohr-Institute

Gregor Pohl

Bachelor student
→ Heidelberg

Gunnar Riemenschneider

Bachelor student
→ München