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During the summer semester 2020, the courses listed below will take place in form of online video meetings.

For participation, please register using the Campus Management System. If you do not have access to the course in the Campus Managment System or if you have questions regarding the course, please contact me by email: holger.dau@fu-berlin.de.

  • 20109911 Seminar (in German)
    Erneuerbare Energien im Kontext globaler Klimaveränderungen (Holger Dau)
    Zeit: Mi 16:00-18:00 (Erster Termin: 22.04.2020) - oder Zeit nach Vereinbarung
    Kurs zum obigen Thema mit Einübung von Präsentationstechniken.
    Stand 25. April 2020: Es können keine weiteren Kursteilnehmer*Innen aufgenommen werden.

  • 20118101 Lecture + 20118102 Training session
    In Englisch, interactive lectures and training at your computer.
    Bioinformatic Tools for Biology and Biophysics (Holger Dau, Robert Burnap)
    Time: block course, 15:00-20:00, 19th to 30th of June
    Further participants can still register for this course, by email to holger.dau@fu-berlin.de.
    The course addresses Master students and is open to PhD students with related thesis subjects.
    The course is designed to enable students to utilize bioinformatics approaches and software to better understand biomolecular structure, function, and evolution. It is primarily aimed at students interested in biology and biophysics wishing to receive practical training in the following topics: molecular genetic foundations of protein structure and evolution, sequence alignment scoring systems, and current software tools to discover and interpret molecular function and variation. The course will involve hands-on use of readily available software including PyMol (structure visualization), Python (file manipulation), JalView and MEGA for sequence and phylogenetic analyses, and publicly available computational resources of sequence analysis and structure prediction using homology modeling.