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2024 and preprints

  • A super-polynomial quantum advantage for combinatorial optimization problems
    N. Pirnay, V. Ulitzsch, F. Wilde, J. Eisert, J.-P. Seifert 
    Science Advances, in press (2024)

  • Local integrals of motion and the stability of many-body localisation in Wannier-Stark potentials

    C. Bertoni, J. Eisert, A. Kshetrimayum, A. Nietner, S. J. Thomson
    Physical Review B, 02406 (2024) 

  • Information-theoretic generalization bounds for learning from quantum data
    M. Caro, T. Gur, C. Rouzé, D. Stilck França, S. Subramanian

  • Analog information decoding of bosonic quantum LDPC codes
    L. Berent, T. Hillmann, J. Eisert, R. Wille, J. Roffe

  • Unifying (quantum) statistical and parametrized (quantum) algorithms
    A. Nietner

  • Learning quantum states and unitaries of bounded gate complexity
    H, Zhao, L. Lewis, I. Kannan, Y. Quek, H.-Y. Huang, M. C. Caro

  • Dissipation-enabled bosonic Hamiltonian learning via new information-propagation bounds
    T. Möbus, A. Bluhm, M. C. Caro, A. H. Werner, C. Rouzé

  • Reachability, coolability, and stabilizability of open Markovian quantum systems with fast unitary control
    E. Malvetti, F. vom Ende, G. Dirr, T. Schulte-Herbrüggen

  • Finite-dimensional Stinespring curves can approximate any dynamics
    F. vom Ende

  • Classical verification of quantum learning
    M. C. Caro, M. Hinsche, M. Ioannou, A. Nietner, R. Sweke

  • Free fermion distributions are hard to learn
    A. Nietner

  • The domain wall color code
    K. Tiurev, A. Pesah, P. H. S. Derks, J. Roffe, J. Eisert, M. S. Kesselring, J.-M. Reiner

  • Floquetifying the colour code
    A. Townsend-Teague, J. M. de la Fuente, M. Kesselring

  • Understanding and generalizing unique decompositions of generators of dynamical semigroups
    F. vom Ende

  • A little magic means a lot
    A. Gu, L. Leone, S. Ghosh, J. Eisert, S. Yelin, Y. Quek

  • Potential and limitations of random Fourier features for dequantizing quantum machine learning
    R. Sweke, E. Recio, S. Jerbi, E. Gil-Fuster, B. Fuller, J. Eisert, J. J. Meyer

  • Quantum complexity phase transitions in monitored random circuits
    R. Suzuki, J. Haferkamp, J. Eisert, P. Faist

  • Learning fermionic correlations by evolving with random translationally invariant Hamiltonians
    J. Denzler, A. A. Mele, E. Derbyshire, T. Guaita, J. Eisert

  • Topological dualities via tensor networks
    C. Wille, J. Eisert, A. Altland
    Physical Review Research, in press (2024)

  • On the expressivity of embedding quantum kernels
    Elies Gil-Fuster, Jens Eisert, Vedran Dunjko
    Machine Learning: Science and Technology, in press (2024) 

  • Topological error correcting processes from fixed-point path integrals
    A. Bauer
  • Verifiable measurement-based quantum random sampling with trapped ions
    M. Ringbauer, M. Hinsche, T. Feldker, P. K. Faehrmann, J. Bermejo-Vega, C. Edmunds, L. Postler, R. Stricker, C. D. Marciniak, M. Meth, I. Pogorelov, R. Blatt, P. Schindler, J. Eisert, T. Monz, D. Hangleiter 

  • Decoding quantum color codes with MaxSAT
    L. Berent, L. Burgholzer, P.-J. H. S. Derks, J. Eisert, R. Wille

  • Quantum metrology in the finite-sample regime
    J. J. Meyer, S. Khatri, D. Stilck França, J. Eisert, P. Faist

  • On the average-case complexity of learning output distributions of quantum circuits
    A. Nietner, M. Ioannou, R. Sweke, R. Kueng, J. Eisert, M. Hinsche, J. Haferkamp

  • Good Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill codes from the NTRU cryptosystem
    J. Conrad, J. Eisert, J.-P. Seifert
  • Lower bounds to variational problems with guarantees
    J. Eisert 

  • Anyon condensation and the color code
    M. S. Kesselring, J. C. Magdalena de la Fuente, F. Thomsen, J. Eisert, S. D. Bartlett, B. J. Brown
    PRX Quantum, in press (2024)

  • ReQuSim: Faithfully simulating near-term quantum repeaters
    J. Wallnöfer, F. Hahn, F. Wiesner, N. Walk, J. Eisert 
  • A perturbative gadget for delaying the onset of barren plateaus in variational quantum algorithms
    S. Cichy, P. K. Faehrmann, S. Khatri, J. Eisert

  • Shallow shadows: Expectation estimation using low-depth random Clifford circuits
    C. Bertoni, J. Haferkamp, M. Hinsche, M. Ioannou, J. Eisert, H. Pashayan

  • Scalably learning quantum many-body Hamiltonians from dynamical data
    F. Wilde, A. Kshetrimayum, I. Roth, D. Hangleiter, R. Sweke, J. Eisert

  • Bulk-to-boundary anyon fusion from microscopic models
    J. C. Magdalena de la Fuente, J. Eisert, A. Bauer 

  • A route towards engineering many-body localization in real materials
    A. Nietner, A. Kshetrimayum, J. Eisert, B. Lake

  • Guaranteed blind deconvolution and demixing via hierarchically sparse reconstruction
    A. Flinth, I. Roth, B. Groß, J. Eisert, G. Wunder

  • Learnability of the output distributions of local quantum circuits
    M. Hinsche, M. Ioannou, A. Nietner, J. Haferkamp, Y. Quek, D. Hangleiter, J.-P. Seifert, J. Eisert, R. Sweke

  • Precise Hamiltonian identification of a superconducting quantum processor
    D. Hangleiter, I. Roth, J. Eisert, P. Roushan

  • Topical white paper: A case for quantum memories in space
    M. Gündoğan, T. Jennewein, F. K. Asadi, E. Da Ros, E. Sağlamyürek, D. Oblak, T. Vogl, D. Rieländer, J. Sidhu, S. Grandi, L. Mazzarella, J. Wallnöfer, P. Ledingham, L. LeBlanc, M. Mazzera, M. Mohageg, J. Wolters, A. Ling, M. Atatüre, H. de Riedmatten, D. Oi, C. Simon, M. Krutzik 

  • Towards overcoming the entanglement barrier when simulating long-time evolution
    C. Krumnow, J. Eisert, Ö. Legeza

  • Hierarchical sparse recovery from hierarchically structured measurements
    B. Groß, A. Flinth, I. Roth, J. Eisert, G. Wunder

  • Non-equilibrium steady state of the Lieb-Liniger model: Multiple-integral representation of the time evolved many-body wave-function
    S. Sotiriadis

  • Hierarchical compressed sensing
    J. Eisert, A. Flinth, B. Groß, I. Roth, G. Wunder

  • Minimizing couplings in renormalization by preserving short-range mutual information
    C. Bertoni, J. M. Renes

  • Periodically refreshed quantum thermal machines
    A. Purkayasatha, G. Guarnieri, S. Campbell, J. Prior, J. Goold
  • Pinwheel valence-bond-crystal ground state of the spin-12 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the shuriken lattice
    N. Astrakhantsev, F. Ferrari, N. Niggemann, T. Müller, A. Chauhan, A. Kshetrimayum, P. Ghosh, N. Regnault, R. Thomale, J. Reuther, T. Neupert, Y. Iqbal

  • Compressive gate set tomography
    R. Brieger, I. Roth, M. Kliesch

  • Anonymous conference key agreement in linear quantum networks
    J. de Jong, F. Hahn, J. Eisert, N. Walk, A. Pappa

  • Avoiding barren plateaus via transferability of smooth solutions in Hamiltonian variational ansatz
    A. A. Mele, G. Bigan Mbeng, G. E. Santoro, M. Collura, P. Torta

  • Multivariate trace estimation in constant quantum depth
    Y. Quek, M. M. Wilde, E. Kaur

  • Block sparsity and gauge mediated weight sharing for learning dynamical laws from data
    M. Götte, J. Fuksa, I. Roth, J. Eisert

  • Probing coherent quantum thermodynamics using a trapped ion
    O. Onishchenko, G. Guarnieri, P. Rosillo-Rodes, D. Pijn, J. Hilder, U. G. Poschinger, M. Perarnau-Llobet, J. Eisert, F. Schmidt-Kaler

  • Time-energy uncertainty relation for noisy quantum metrology
    P. Faist, M. P. Woods, V. V. Albert, J. M. Renes, J. Eisert, J. Preskill

  • A route towards engineering many-body localization in real materials
    A. Nietner, A. Kshetrimayum, J. Eisert, B. Lake
  • Equivalence in delegated quantum computing
    F. Wiesner, J. Eisert, A. Pappa
  • The thermodynamic uncertainty theorem
    K. J. Ray, A. B. Boyd, G. Guarnieri, J. P. Crutchfield

  • Sample-optimal classical shadows for pure states
    Grier, Pashayan, Schaeffer

  • Finite temperature tensor network algorithm for frustrated two-dimensional quantum materials
    S. Schmoll, C. Balz, B. Lake, J. Eisert, A. Kshetrimayum

  • Disentangling modular Walker-Wang models via fermionic invertible boundaries
    A. Bauer

  • Tensor types and their use in physics
    A. Bauer, A. Nietner

  • Learning quantum processes and Hamiltonians via the Pauli transfer matrix
    M. Caro

  • Multivariate trace estimation in constant quantum depth
    Y. Quek, M. M. Wilde, E. Kaur

  • Learning quantum processes without input control
    M. Fanizza, Y. Quek, M. Rosati

  • Tensor network assisted variational quantum algorithm
    J. Huang, W. He, Y. Zhang, Y. Wu, B. Wu, X. Yuan

  • From Kraus operators to the Stinespring form of quantum maps: An alternative construction for infinite dimensions
    F. vom Ende

  • Error-corrected quantum repeaters with GKP qudits
    F. Schmidt, D. Miller, P. van Loock

  • The foliage partition: An easy-to-compute LC-invariant for graph states
    A. Burchardt, F. Hahn

  • (Semi-)device independently characterizing quantum temporal correlations
    S.-L. Chen, J. Eisert

  • Unraveling long-time quantum dynamics using flow equations
    S. J. Thomson, J. Eisert

  • variPEPS - a versatile tensor network library for variational ground state simulations in two spatial dimensions
    J. Naumann, E. L. Weerda, M. Rizzi, J. Eisert, P. Schmoll

  • Fast and reliable entanglement distribution with quantum repeaters: principles for improving protocols using reinforcement learning
    S. Haldar, P. J. Barge, S. Khatri, H. Lee 

  • Generalised linear response theory for the full quantum work statistics
    G. Guarnieri, J. Eisert, H. J. D. Miller

  • Distribution and volume based scoring for isolation forests
    H. Dhouib, A. Wilms, P. Boes

  • Using deep learning to construct stochastic local search SAT solvers with performance bounds
    M. Kramer, P. Boes

  • Advantage of multi-partite entanglement for quantum cryptography over long and short ranged networks
    J. Memmen, J. Eisert, N. Walk

  • Hamiltonian truncation tensor networks for quantum field theories 
    P. Schmoll. J. Naumann, A. Nietner, J. Eisert, S. Sotiriadis

    Introduction to Haar measure tools in quantum information: A beginner's tutorial
    A. Mele

  • From the Choi formalism in infinite dimensions to unique decompositions of generators of completely positive dynamical semigroups
    F. vom Ende

  • The thermomajorization polytope and Its degeneracies
    F. vom Ende, E. Malvetti
    Entropy 26, 2 (2024)

    On the locality of qubit encodings of local fermionic modes
    T. Guaita