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HQCC Meeting 2024

The HQCC project meeting will take place May 29th to May 31st (Wednesday to Friday). 

Location & How to get there:

The meeting is held in the "Cafeteria" of the Institute of Physics of the FU Berlin at

Room 1.1.25
Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin

The venue is easily accessible via the underground line U3 ("Dahlem-Dorf" station) or the bus line X83 ("Arnimallee" stop). In general, Google Maps works very reliably to find the best route on Berlin's public transport network.


The program will feature talks from a selection of external invited speakers and project members and will leave plenty of room for scientific discussions.

Invited talks:

David Gross (Cologne):
Secret extraction attacks against obfuscated IQP circuits

Jonas Helsen (Amsterdam):
Grabbing Clifford by the big red tail: concentration bounds for random stabilizer states

Sergii Strelchuk (Cambridge, Warwick):
Classical simulation, circuit compression and magic decomposition

Contibuted talks:

Franz Schreiber (Berlin): Tomography of parametrized quantum states
Antonio Anna Mele (Berlin): Simulating Pauli expectation values in non-unital noisy random circuits
Zoltán Zimboras (Budapest): Generalized group designs: overcoming the 4-design-barrier and constructing novel unitary 2-designs in arbitrary dimensions
João Doriguello (Budapest): Beyond Bell sampling: stabilizer state learning and quantum pseudorandomness lower bounds on qudits
Miguel Murça (Lisbon): Fake a Swap Test: Towards making the Sample & Query model more quantum

Time Wednesday May 29 Thursday May 30 Friday May 31
10:00 Opening Remarks Invited Talk + Discussion
Jonas Helsen
Murça (Lisbon)
10:30 Coffee break

Invited Talk + Discussion
David Gross

Coffee break *
11:30 Coffee break Brainstorming Session *
12:00 Eisert Group Meeting
12:30 Lunch (provided) Lunch (provided)
13:00 Lunch (provided)
14:00 Invited Talk + Discussion
Sergii Strelchuk
Business meeting
14:30 Zimboras (Budapest)
15:00 Doriguello (Budapest) End of workshop
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break      
16:00 Schreiber (Berlin) Riga      
16:30 Mele (Berlin)      
17:00 Buffer Buffer      
19:30 Conference Dinner
at Luise Dahlem
(self paid)

* Friday 11:00 to 12:30, there you can alternatively follow an Eisert group talk in the DCCQS room:
* Jinge Bao (Singapore): On quantum time complexity of divide and conquer 

Lunch will be provided through the FU Berlin Mensa which offers a wide variety of dishes among which the participants of the workshop can freely choose.

The conference dinner will be held at Luise Dahlem (Königin-Luise-Straße 40-42, 14195 Berlin), a restaurant/beergarden right next to the physics building.

Location Details:

The meeting will be held in the Cafeteria of the physics building, which you find on the first floor (pink on plan below). Coffee breaks will be held in the coffee room (green on plan below). Discussions can take place in front of blackboards across the physics building which can be found in various places (blue on plan below). When in doubt, just ask anyone crossing your path about the Cafeteria or the location of the Eisert group rooms.

Floor plan for HQCC meeting

Confirmed Participants:

Andris Ambainis
Lennart Bittel
Simon Cichy-Cusi
João Doriguello
Jens Eisert
Paul Fährmann
Philippe Faist
András Gilyén
David Gross
Jonas Helsen
Sumeet Khatri
Mārtiņš Kokainis
Maximilian Kramer
Johannes Jakob Meyer
Miguel Murça
Franz Schreiber
Sergii Strelchuk 
Zoltán Zimboras


Johannes Jakob Meyer (jjmeyer@zedat.fu-berlin.de)