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Work on entanglement of purification in PRL

The entanglement of purification (EoP) is a measure of total correlation between two subsystems. New work, published in the Physical Review Letters, studies this quantity for free scalar field theory on a lattice and the transverse-field Ising model by numerical methods. In both of these models, we find that the EoP becomes a non-monotonic function of the distance between subsystems when the total number of lattice sites is small. When it is large, the EoP becomes monotonic and shows a plateau-like behavior. Moreover, we show that the original reflection symmetry which exchanges of subsystems can get broken in optimally purified systems. In the Ising model, we find this symmetry breaking in the ferromagnetic phase. We provide an interpretation of our results in terms of the interplay between classical and quantum correlations.

News from May 22, 2019

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