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What a year

Group picture.

Group picture.

Thanks so much to the group members of our team for the good vibes, the wonderful scientific discussions, all those excellent ideas. It has not always been easy outside our control, but we have been doing well.

The revived discussion culture in the department has been fun. And over the summer and fall the many garden meetings we have had. This may also be a good moment to think what good lessons can be learned from the crisis. The garden meetings we will surely maintain.

While this may be a somewhat superficial metric, it is still nice to see that five publications came out of the group this year in the Nature and Science groups, six in Physical Review X and PRX Quantum, seven in the Physical Review Letters, and one in the Reviews of Modern Physics.

What is particularly pleasing is that five pieces of work have been published in the community driven Quantum and SciPost Physics.

Happy new year.

News from Dec 31, 2021

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