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Forces and Photons in Single Molecule Junctions

Forces and Photons in Single Molecule Junctions

Forces and Photons

The workshop will bring together experts in the two complementary fields of atomic force spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy investigating properties of single-molecule junctions. On the one hand, the combination of STM and AFM provides insight into the flexibility and mechanical stability of the junction, the electronic properties and electrostatic potentials distribution of the molecular component. On the other hand, the light emission from molecule-metal junctions gives information concerning the plasmon spectrum of the nanoscale cavity and its interaction with the molecule placed inside the junction.

The aim of the workshop is the discussion of compatibility and advantages of combining light and AFM in the very same experimental set-up.

Latest results will be presented by renowned invited speakers. Additionally, we welcome the participation of all interested scientist, in particular PhD students and PostDocs. If you like to attend the workshop and present a poster, please, send us an email with a short abstract to forcenphoton@gmail.com until 31st of August.



The workshop will be held during 23.9.-25.9.2013. The scientific program will start on Monday after lunch and end on Wednesday at lunch time.



The workshop will take place at the Physics Department of Freie Universität Berlin (Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin).


Confirmed invited speakers:


Preliminary title

Javier Aizpurua, San Sebastian

Nanooptics in subnanometric gaps: from single molecule imaging to quantum tunneling plasmonics

Richard Berndt, Universität Kiel

Meandering with STM and light

Stefan Fölsch, PDI Berlin Manipulating atoms and molecules on a III-V semiconductor surface by cryogenic STM

Christoph Grosse, MPI Stuttgart

Exploring luminescence on submolecular length scales and nanosecond time scales

Franz Giessibl, Universität Regensburg

Atomic forces, currents and spins measured by simultaneous STM and AFM

Markus Heyde, FHI Berlin

The Impact of Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy to Illuminate Complex Oxide Surfaces

Pavel Jelinek, Universität Prag

AFM/STM measurements of atomic and molecular contacts

Shigeki Kawai, Universität Basel

Mechanical properties of a single long molecular wire

Jingcheng Li, nanoGUNE San Sebastian

Forces and light emission measured in single molecular junction

Gerhard Meyer, IBM Zürich

Scanning probe microscopy of single molecules on insulating films: geometry and intramolecular charge distribution

Jascha Repp, Universität Regensburg

Dynamic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Individual Molecules on thin insulating films

Sascha Sadewasser, INL Braga

Spatially resolved surface photovoltage spectroscopy

Alexander Schwarz, Universität Hamburg

Forces, Tips, Cantilevers and Light

Ruslan Temirov, FZ Jülich

How much control over single molecules could we get with the junction of a scanning probe microscope?

Markus Ternes, MPI Stuttgart

The mechanical properties of a monoatomic layer investigated by combined STM and AFM measurements



The program can be found here!



Martina Corso (University of the Basque Country EPV-EHU, San Sebastian)

Benjamin Heinrich (FU Berlin)

Nacho Pascual (CICNanogune, San Sebastian)

Katharina Franke (FU Berlin)



The workshop is generously supported by the Alumni Association of Freie Universität Berlin and the Alexander von Humboldt foundation.