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Molecular Electronics

Since the seminal proposal of Aviram and Ratner in 1974 to use a single molecule as a diode, the field of molecular electronics has been researched intensively. In the past decades, many experimental as well as theoretical challenges have been tackled and many exciting effects have been discovered. Some examples are the experimental realization of single-molecule junctions, the measurement of electron transport through these “wires”, the exploration of quantum effects (interference), the interplay with molecular vibrations (heating), and spin effects.

In this seminar, the students will present papers on the recent literature. The goal is to gain an understanding of the physical basics and measurement techniques and to discuss future prospects within this field.

Each student will present a 30-minute talk on a specific topic within this field. During the first meeting a selection of papers will be provided, which may serve as a starting point for the own literature search and presentation. All students are required to attend the talks of the fellow students and contribute to the discussion of the talks. There should be a lifely discussion forum for the topics and talks.


The seminar will take place on Modays 10:15 - 12:00 online, using the Cisco Webex system. The Webex sessions will be set up by Katharina Franke. The first meeting will take place on Monday, 12.4.2021 at 10:15. The link to the first meeting is here. The password is 21-Molecules. Students are expected to enter the meeting with their real name. Everybody is highly encouraged to switch on his/her camera. In this meeting we will distribute the topics and you will get all information about formalities of the class.

A link to all further webex meetings will be provided to all students registered in KVV.

Technical requirements:

The students will get access to the Webex meeting via a link that can be opened via browser. Alternatively, the students may install the Cisco Webex app, which provides more functionalities (not available for Linux).

Abstracts and talks:

Every student needs to provide an abstract of his/her talk prior to the presentation. After the talk, the slides (in pdf format) need to be sent to Katharina Franke. Abstracts and talks will be placed here.


The seminar is part of the obligatory curriculum. There will be no grade for this obligatory class. Please, register in Campus Management as "Selected Topics 1" before 1.5.2021.

In case you are taking this class as an elective module, you need to register in Campus Management as "Selected Topics 2" before 1.5.2021. In this case, you need to receive a grade. The grade consists of abstract, presentation and active participation in the class. Please, write an email to Katharina Franke, if you require a grade prior to your presentation.

"Office hours"

If you want to discuss your topic/talk beforehand, you can request an online meeting with Katharina Franke.