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Seminar: Nanomagnetism


How small can we make the smallest magnetic bit? How can we address magnetic states? How do single magnetic atoms interact? Can magnetic nanostructures give rise to topological states?

These are currently important questions in solid state research. In the last years, tremendous efforts with substantial advances have been made. In this seminar, the students will present papers on the recent literature. The goal is to gain an understanding of the physical basics and measurement techniques and to discuss future prospects within this rapidly evolving field.

Each student will present a 30-minute talk on a specific topic within this field. During the first meeting a selection of papers will be provided, which may serve as a starting point for the own literature search and presentation. All students are required to attend the talks of the fellow students and contribute to the discussion of the talks. There should be a lifely discussion forum for the topics and talks.


The seminar will take place on Fridays 10:15 - 12:00 in room 1.3.48 (seminar room T3). The first meeting will take place on Friday, 27.10.2023 at 10:15.

Abstracts and talks:

Every student needs to provide an abstract of his/her talk prior to the presentation. After the talk, the slides (in pdf format) need to be sent to Katharina Franke. Abstracts and talks will be placed here.


The seminar is part of the obligatory curriculum. There will be no grade for this obligatory class. Please, register in Campus Management as "Selected Topics 1".

In case you are taking this class as an elective module, you need to register in Campus Management as "Selected Topics 2". In this case, you need to receive a grade. The grade consists of abstract, presentation and active participation in the class. Please, write an email to Katharina Franke, if you require a grade prior to your presentation.

"Office hours"

If you want to discuss your topic/talk beforehand, you can request a meeting with Katharina Franke.