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Open Positions

We are currently looking for an excellent and motivated PhD student to work within the collaborative research center on Ultrafast Spindynamics: 

The project in a nutshell:

The goal of this project is to resolve spin dynamics at nanometer length and picosecond time scales. Usually, the method of choice for investigating single atoms on surfaces is low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS). However, this technique is very slow with its fundamental time resolution being limited by the stray capacitances. In contrast, ultrafast time resolution can be achieved by femtosecond laser spectroscopy. We have recently succeeded in coupling THz pulses into the junction of a low-temperature STM and achieved pico-second time resolution in the tunnel junction.

We are looking for you:

You hold an excellent Master degree in Physics. You are a highly motivated student and curious to carry out high-level experiments. You like to work in a team, but can also work independently. You have a strong interest and background in solid state physics. You have experience in (several of) the following areas: scanning tunnelling microscopy/spectroscopy, ultra-fast optics, surface physics, ultra-high vacuum techniques, low temperature equipment, and programming.

If you are looking for a PostDoc position:

If you are interested in applying for fellowships (for example, Alexander von Humboldt, DAAD) to work with us, please, contact us, and we can discuss the project.

Your are a Master of Bachelor student looking for a thesis project in our group:

Master and bachelor students are always welcome in our group. If you are interested, please contact us and we will suggest you a research project.