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Bachelor and Master theses

Our group welcomes students who wish to make their Bachelor or Master thesis with us. This page is intended to provide an overview of possible topics, the different areas of research as well as the respective tutors. Master and Diploma students can choose between theoretical or experimental research. If you are interested in one of the topics listed below or want to discuss further opportunities please feel free to contact Prof. Reich or one of the tutors mentioned below.

Bachelor theses

Bachelor students work very closely together with one member of the work group. The student will work on a small research-related problem. The problems are especially selected out of our ongoing projects. The selection is depending on the students preferences. Up to now Bachelor students worked on Raman spectroscopy on carbon nanotubes, synthesized new materials and measured and tailored thermal expansion coefficients of composite materials. If you are interested in a Bachelor thesis, please write an email to Prof. Reich.

Master theses

  • Plasmon-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: Plasmons are collective oscillations of electrons in metallic nanostructures. These electronic excitations can be used to focus light into nanoscale volumes, which leads to strong electromagnetic hotspots. The Raman spectrum of carbon nanomaterials is enhanced by several orders of magnitude if placed into such a hotspot. We investigate the basic mechanisms underlying this enhancement and use, among other techniques, a Raman spectrometer with tunable laser wavelength for characterization. For sample preparation we work with collaborators in Manchester, Zuerich, Karlsruhe and Jena. For Mater theses in this area you can put an emphasis on the setup of new experiments, experimental measurements or simulations, depending on your interests. Tutor: Prof. Stephanie Reich
  • Carbon nanotubes with switchable molecules: Carbon nanotubes are tiny hollow cylinders of pure carbon. We attach switchable molecules to the nanotubes surface to reversibly alter their optical or electronic properties. This project is done in cooperation with chemists from the FU and HU Berlin and with the help of international partners. Master or Diploma theses in this field of research are either emphasizing on the anchoring process of the switchable molecules or the investigation of the properties of the nanotube-molecule system. This topic offers the possibility to learn and use a wide range of different research and characterization techniques. Tutor: Dr. Antonio Setaro
  • Thermal properties of metal-matrix composites: Carbon fibres and graphite exhibit very high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and low density. We want to use these extraordinary properties to produce new materials that can be used for cooling of computers and machines, as well as in mobile and aerospace applications. In the course of a Bachelor or Master thesis new materials are developed, produced by Spark Plasma Sintering, and their thermal and mechanical properties measured. An interesting mix of physics, material science and engineering. Tutor: Valerio Oddone