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SS 2015 - Seminar: Quantum magnetism and the theory of strongly correlated electrons

The seminars will take place on Thursday from 8.45 to 10 am in room 1.3.48.

                                           List of presentations

Date Speaker Topic of presentation
 16.04.15  Johannes Reuther  Introduction to the topics
 07.05.15  Sergio Acero  Many-body localization
 21.05.15  Markus Bohlen  Vortices in 2D spin systems
 28.05.15  Saulius Vaitiekenas  Kondo effect
 04.06.15  Ludger Starke  High Tc-superconductivity
11.06.15  Md. Latiful Bari  Fractional quantum Hall effect
 25.06.15  Max Geier  Quantum computing
 02.07.15  Mohammed Elsayed  Quantum phase transitions
 09.07.15  Nils Bogdanoff  Spin ice
 16.07.15  Larissa Melischek  Spin liquids: General theory