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Winter 2011/2012

1. Forschungsseminar: Proteinherstellung und Reinigung

Seminarraum 1.1.33, Mo 10:00-12:00

2. Topics in Molecular Biophysics: Production of biological samples in biophysics

26.3.2012-30.3.2012 from 9:00 am-18:00 pm

Zielgruppe:  Master students, diploma strudents and PhD students with interest in generating their biological samples by themselves for biophysical investigations.

Lectures about basics e.g. how to mutagenise a protein, cloning techniques, expression and purification of proteins and the underlying cellular processes when expressing a protein will be given prior to the practical exercises in the lab. Practical exercises : -molecular biological techniques e.g. transformation of bacteria with plasmids in preparation of expressing a membrane protein -cultivation of bacteria to express the protein -purification of membrane proteins by affinity chromatography -amplification of DNA by PCR (Polymerase chain reaction), analysis of DNA with enzymes and agarose-gel-electrophoresis and analysis of proteins on SDS-gels.