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Fabio Pistolesi (Grenoble)
Resonant transport as a sensitive detector of quantum mechanical delocalization

Location: Fachbereich Physik, Seminarraum E3 (1.4.31)
Time: Thursday 12.02.2009, 14h c.t.

We consider electronic transport through a suspended carbon nanotube in presence of a strong transverse magnetic field. For temperatures much lower than the mechanical oscillation frequency of the nanotube it has been predicted that the dependence on the magnetic field of the tunneling current probes the quantum delocalization of the nanotube: Electrons traversing a single but delocalized nanotube can interfere showing a Aharonov-Bohm effect. We consider the resonant electronic transport through a single level of the nanotube and we find that the sensitivity of the device can be greatly enhanced due the accumulation of the phase shifts in the multiple reflections. We predict a modification of the resonance line shape.

More information: F. von Oppen (vonoppenphysik.fu-berlin.de)

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