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Michael Raikh
Quantum Hall Transition on a Triangular Lattice; Network Model and Analytical Renormalization-Group Treatment

Location: Fachbereich Physik, room T3 (1.3.48)
Time: Tuesday 14.07.2009, 13h c.t.

Common approach to the theoretical study of the quantum Hall transition is the Chalker-Coddington network model on the square lattice. We introduce a new version of the network model formulated on the triangular lattice, where the scattering at the sites is described by 3 by 3 matrix. Extending renormalization-group description of the classical site percolation to the quantum case, we derive a closed equation for the distribution function of conductance. Solving this equation numerically, we get for the critical exponent of the correlation radius 2.3 - 2.76 in good agreement with established value 2.33.
Supported by the BSF grant No. 2006201. 

More information: F. von Oppen (vonoppenphysik.fu-berlin.de)

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