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Quantum Field Theory and Many Body Physics 2022


Exam review: Friday, August 5, 10-11am Dahlem Center Seminar Room 1.4.08


2nd exam: Fr 14.10.2022 at 10-12 in HS A


Lectures will be held Mo 10-12 and Th 10-12 (Hörsaal B).

In addition, there will be tutorials Fr 10-12 (starting April 29; Seminar room 1.4.31).

Problem sets will be made available online on Thursdays and have to be turned in by the following Thursday BEFORE the beginning of class.

General Information

Problem sets

Set 1            Solution
Set 2            Solution
Set 3            Solution
Set 4            Solution
Set 5            Solution
Set 6            Solution
Set 7            Solution
Set 8            Solution
Set 9            Solution
Set 10          Solution_1  Solution_2_3
Set 11          Solution
Set 12          Solution

Lecture notes

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Classical Field Theory

Chapter 3: Classical Symmetries and Conservation Laws

Chapter 4: Canonical Quantization

Chapter 5: Path Integrals

Chapter 6: Nonrelativistic Field Theory

Chapter 7: Quantization of the Dirac Field

Chapter 8: Coherent State Path Integrals

Chapter 9: Quantization of Gauge Fields

Chapter 10: Observables and Propagators

Chapter 11: Linear Response and correlations functions

Chapter 12: Perturbation Theory and Feynman Diagrams