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Quantum Field Theory and Many Body Physics 2023

2ND EXAM: Oct. 13, 2023 at 10am (Hörsaal A).

Please confirm participation by email to Felix v. Oppen by Oct. 12.


Lectures will be held Mo 10-12 and Th 10-12 (Hörsaal B).

In addition, there will be tutorials Fr 10-12 (starting April 28; Seminar room 1.4.31).

Problem sets will be made available online on Thursdays and have to be turned in by the following Thursday BEFORE the beginning of class.

General information

Problem sets

example problem set and solution

set 1       solution

set 2       solution

set 3       solution

set 4       solution

set 5       solution

set 6       solution see updated notes on bosonization (Chapter 7)

set 7       solution

set 8       solution

set 9       solution

set 10     solution

set 11     solution

Lecture notes

Chapter 1: Second quantization

Chapter 2: Free bosons, free fermions, and 1D XY spins

Chapter 3: Interacting bosons

Chapter 4: Excitonic insulators

Chapter 5: BCS theory of superconductivity

Chapter 6: Quantum Ising model

Chapter 7: Bosonization

Chapter 8: Charge-flux attachment

Chapter 9: Path integrals

Chapter 10: Linear response and correlation functions

Chapter 11: Boson functional integral

Chapter 12: Interacting Bose systems

Chapter 13: Charged superfluids

Chapter 14: Grassmann numbers and fermionic path integrals

Chapter 15: Hubbard-Stratonovich transformation and RPA

Chapter 16: BCS theory of superconductivity: Functional integral approach