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Quantum Field Theory & Many Body Systems SoSe 2024

Aktuell: Lecture on Fr May 24 at 10-12 in HS A! The tutorial at this time is moved to the time slot of the lecture on Mo.

Lectures: Mo 10-12 and Th 10-12 (Hörsaal B)

Tutorials: Th 12-14 (starting April 25; Seminar room 1.4.31) and Fr 10-12 (starting April 26; Seminar room 1.4.31) 

Exam: Th July 18, 2024 at 10-12

Make-up exam: Th Oct 11, 2024 at 10-12 (prelim)

Problem sets: made available online on Mondays and to be turned in by the following Monday BEFORE the beginning of class.

General information

Problem sets

set 1       solution

set 2       solution

set 3       solution

set 4       solution

set 5       solution

set 6       solution

set 7       solution

set 8       solution

set 9       solution

set 10     solution

set 11     solution

set 12    solution

Lecture notes

Chapter 1: Quantum mechanics - path integrals, second quantization, coherent state functional integrals: bosons and fermions, linear response and Green functions

Chapter 2: Interacting bosons - superfluidity

Chapter 3: Interacting fermions - jellium model and screening, excitonic insulators, BCS theory of superconductivity

Chapter 4: Statistical physics - classical spin models, mean-field approximation, Landau theory, quantum spin models, quantum-classical mapping, quantum phase transitions

Chapter 5: Some basics of gauge theory

Chapter 6: Selected topics: bosonization, charge-flux attachment and fractional quantum Hall systems, toric code as time permits