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Klaus Ennslin


Graphene Quantum Circuits

Location: Hörsaal B (0.1.01)
Time: Monday 10.05.2010, 16h c.t.

Graphene quantum dots and constrictions have been fabricated by mechanical exfoliation of graphene followed by electron beam lithography and dry etching. The single layer quality of graphene has been checked by Raman spectroscopy. A variety of nanostructures such as graphene constrictions, graphene quantum dots and graphene rings have been realized. In this talk we focus on the electron hole crossover in graphene quantum dots as well as the electronic transport through graphene double dots. The goal is to establish the peculiar consequences of the graphene bandstructure with its linear dispersion for the electronic properties of nanostructures. Furthermore we present time-dependent measurements of electron transport through graphene quantum dots as measured with a non-invasive detector.  


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