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Rosario Fazio

Quantum Dynamics of coupled QED-cavities and the Optical Josephson interferometer

Location: Hörsaal A
Time: Monday 23.11.2009, 14h c.t.

The interplay between coherent tunnel coupling and on-site interactions in dissipation-free bosonic systems has lead to many  spectacular observations, ranging from the demonstration of number-phase uncertainty relation to quantum phase transitions. In this connection there has been recently an increasing attention to the properties of arrays of coupled cavities. I will first review the recent advances in the field. I will then describe a particular device which functions as the quantum optical analog of a Josephson interferometer. It consists of two coherently driven linear optical cavities connected  via a central cavity with a single-photon nonlinearity. The Josephson-like  oscillations in the light emitted from the central cavity as a function of the phase difference between two pumping fields can be suppressed by increasing the strength of the nonlinear coupling. 

Dario Gerace, Hakan E. Tureci, A. Imamoglu, Vittorio Giovannetti, and Rosario Fazio, Nature Physics 5, 281 (2009)

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