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SFB 658 colloquia - summer term 2016


Summer term 2016

Location:   Fachbereich Physik, FU-Berlin, Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin
Hörsaal A - Raum 1.3.14 (map)
  Thursdays 16:15 s.t. 




Speaker/ Institution

12.05.2016 16:15 The force of mechanochemistry Roman Boulatov
University of Liverpool, UK

Special Colloquium at TU Berlin (Hörsaal C243, altes Chemiegebäude)
09.06.2016 !!! 17:15 !!!

Two B or N ot to be in catalysis and molecular switches

Hermann Wegner
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

16.06.2016 16:15 Optical spectroscopy of surfaces, thin films and nanostructures Peter Zeppenfeld
Johannes Kepler Univesität Linz, Austria

14.07.2016 16:15

Programmable, ordered multilayers of nanometer-sized macrocycles and switchable rotaxanes on solid support

Christoph Schalley
Freie Universität Berlin

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