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location hotel

location hotel
Image Credit: Residenz am Motzener See

How to get to the conference venue

Hotel Residenz am Motzener See

By car:

  • Take Autobahn A13 and get off at the exit "Bestensee"
  • Turn on Bundesstraße 246 westwards to the village Gallun
  • Turn left (southwards) on Mittenwalder Chaussee / Motzener Straße
  • Continue the main road (changing its name several times) until you see the Hotel Sign

By public transport:

  • Take the S-Bahn S46 to "Königs Wusterhausen" (ABC ticket needed).
    » S46 timetable (external link)
  • Alternatively you may want to take the Regionalbahn RE2 (originating from Wismar to Cottbus, passing Spandau, Berlin Zoolog.Garten, Friedrichstraße,...) and get off at "Königs Wusterhausen".
    » RE2 timetable (external link)
  • On Monday morning (April 11) at 8:45 am, just in time to reach the conference opening, a conference bus will depart from the S-Bahn station of Königs Wusterhausen and bring you directly to the conference site.

If you wish to use this bus sevice, please inform Christian Frischkorn for easier planning.

  • If you arrive at Königs Wusterhausen at different times, use Bus 726, 728, or 729 and get off at "Motzen, Friedhof".
  • Continue walking southwards for 350m until you see the Hotel Sign

Since public buses run not too frequently from Königs Wusterhausen to Motzen, taking a taxi from the S- Bahn terminal can be a good option.

By hotel shuttle:

For the moment refer to the website of the conference venue Hotel Residenz am Motzener See (only available in German).